The most important thing first:

Commerzbank Luxembourg Branch will never request confidential data from you such as your account number, user name or password by email or telephone or by SMS, i.e. ask you to send back or specify this data or to input access data directly. Neither will Commerzbank Luxembourg Branch send you any emails that contain a direct link to your e-view.

Should you receive such emails, do not under any circumstances follow the requests in these mails.
Please inform us immediately by phoning your personal adviser.

What is phishing?

In the case of so-called “phishing” (derived from “password fishing”), the email sender address of well-known companies and service providers is faked. Either the access data are requested directly by email from the customer or a link specified in the email leads to a fake website. Here you will then be asked for personal information or access data which will be forwarded to unauthorised persons.


Basic rules for phishing

  • Commerzbank Luxemburg Branch will not send you emails that contain a link to log into e-view or request access data.
  • Commerzbank Luxembourg Branch do not ask you to send back access data such as user name, password or secure ID.
  • Always enter the URL for e-view via the keyboard.
  • Exercise caution on websites whose address starts with an IP number instead of a domain name (e.g. or whose address contains Commerzbank Luxembourg Branch only as a sub-domain name (e.g. or contains additions to names or spelling variants (e.g.

Information on transfers:

When carrying out transfers personal data is processed by the bank and by specialised service providers, such as SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication).

This data processing may be carried out by offices in other EU countries and also in the USA, in accordance with the laws applicable in each case. Consequently, the US authorities may demand access to personal data for the purposes of combating terrorism.

Any customer who instructs his or her bank to carry out a transfer or any other order implicitly consents to all data required for the correct and full execution of his or her order also being processed outside Luxembourg.



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